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Community Focus

Economic Development

It is important to evaluate greater opportunities for diverse business in our international communities. Through innovative and collaborative leaders, we have the capacity to discover new opportunities for sustainable business and development  that benefits our communities. The decisions we make now will determine the future of Charlotte.


We all want to be safe where we live, work, play, shop and worship. Together with our local police, neighbors, community leaders,  faith communities and the City of Charlotte,  we can make Charlotte safer for all zip codes. 

Affordable Housing

We must continue moving forward, collaboratively with the philanthropic, business, faith, non-profit and government agencies, to find innovative solutions to close the gap of our affordable housing crisis. Our city's growth is out pacing our ability to ensure, our police, teachers, retiree etc.. can afford to live in our city. 



It is time to innovately develop interconnected transportation options. A variety of transportation options, better roads, and sidewalks will assist in reducing our community carbon footprint and enhance our quality of life as we walk, bike, drive, and ride together with our friends and families.


My grandmother taught us, “We are the change catalyst our communities are waiting for." We are called to be apart of the solutions.


Can We Count On You?

Vote Stephanie Hand for Charlotte City Council District-6 

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