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Working HAND in Hand for a Stronger District 6


Hello! I am Stephanie Hand, your Democratic candidate for Charlotte City Council, District 6. 

             Early Voting                  October 19 - November 4    

Election Day

November 7

District 6 FOCUS



CMPD needs community support to keep our city safe and clean.  I will work with CMPD,  philanthropic partners, faith leaders, and community organizations in District 6 to resolve issues that arise.

Economic Development

District 6 is an excellent district with economic strength. However, we must become even stronger economically. I will work with the business leaders in District 6 to identify growth opportunities to enhance economic opportunities for a better quality of life. 


CMPD officers, Charlotte firefighters, EMTs, teachers, and others are essential to our District 6 communities. We need housing that's affordable so that first responders have the opportunity to live in the communities where they serve if they choose.

Working HAND in hand for a stronger District 6 is not just a slogan; it's the way we need to work together for a more substantial district and city. I will be the voice FOR  the people of    District 6. I will be the leader who listens and builds coalitions for solutions. 

We are voting for action.


Vote Stephanie Hand for Charlotte City Council District 6

She will Fight for YOU!

As a resident of  Charlotte for over 30 years, I am committed to working for the people of  District 6. 


As your District 6 Representative, I am committed to being a voice for the people of District 6.  

As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Charlotte, NC, deserves a dedicated representative who can partner with residents of District 6 and be the voice for our communities. As a resident and candidate running for Charlotte City Council, I am committed to being a voice for the people, building a coalition of leaders to help our communities thrive into a brighter future for our children and our parents who are becoming older. 

As your district representative, I will make well-informed decisions grounded in my experience as an executive leader and coalition builder in the airport industry.. I will work with residents of the district, non-profits, businesses, and other stakeholders who understand the importance of listening and collaborating to find common ground so that our district is stronger. I will utilize my experience from my doctoral work on organizational change and my practical results-oriented approach from my executive work to continue engaging with all District 6 communities to tackle any challenges that arise while celebrating our accomplishments together.

Working together, we will create a stronger future for all the residents of District 6. As a leader, I will serve for the people of our communities, I will be accessible and responsive to your concerns. Together, working hand in hand for a stronger District 6.

The essence of service to others was ingrained in me at a young age through my father's ultimate sacrifice for our country. As a Marine, he was killed in combat while saving his

platoon in battle. This experience

taught me the ultimate value of     service and duty.  

As a former executive leader in the airport industry, I have extensive experience leading large, complex organizations. In my work as a United Methodist Clergy, I know firsthand the importance of coalition-building.  

Through strategic partnerships, we can build a more robust economy, safer communities, and affordable housing for CMPD, FireFighters, and  teachers,

IMG_9681 2.jpeg

I ask for your support.

I will lead with integrity and work for the people of  District.  Your support is a game changer. We have important decisions to make over the next two years. I will be the Voice for the people of District 6. As your Charlotte City Council District 6 Representative, I will continue to engage with our communities, build stronger community coalitions, and make informed decisions that establish the building blocks toward a stronger District 6 today and into our future.                                                                                  Can we count on YOU?  


     VOTE Stephanie Hand 

       Charlotte City Council District 6

         Let's build a stronger Charlotte!


Join Stephanie and volunteer with the team.

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