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Working HAND in Hand for a Stronger Charlotte


Hello, I am Stephanie Hand, your candidate for Charlotte City Council, District 6. 

          I will count on your vote!

As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Charlotte, NC, deserves a dedicated public leader who can partner with residents of District 6 and be their voice in the community and local government. As a resident and candidate running for Charlotte City Council, I am committed to being a voice for the people, building a coalition to help our communities thrive.  

As a leader, I will make well-informed decisions grounded in my experience as an executive coalition builder in the airport industry.. Working with residents, non-profits, businesses, and other stakeholders taught me the importance of listening and collaborating to find common ground to move us. As a result of successes in past and previous leadership roles, I will continue to positively impact District 6 by bringing people together to tackle the challenges we face and celebrate our accomplishments..

Working together, we can create a better future for all residents of Charlotte. As a leader, I will serve the needs of our communities and will be accessible and responsive to your concerns. Working together, Hand in hand, for a stronger District 6.

The essence of service to others was ingrained in me at a young age through my father's ultimate sacrifice. As a Marine, he died in combat while saving his platoon in battle. This family life experience taught me the value of service and dedication to a greater cause.

As a former executive Operations Manager and General Manager in the airport industry, I have extensive experience leading large organizations. Managing over 500 employees and 40 Joint Venture Partners, I honed my leadership skills and developed a deep understanding of the importance of teamwork and collaboration with diverse leaders


I Know That I Can Count On Your Vote!

Through my work with civic and non-profit organizations and my current role as a United Methodist Clergy, I have witnessed firsthand the power of thriving communities working together. Friends, we can achieve our citywide goals by working with non-profits, businesses, philanthropic organizations, faith groups, and with you, the citizens of Charlotte.

Through strategic partnerships, we can build a more robust economy, safer communities, and more Workforce housing that's affordable for teachers, police, fire personnel, and others in District 6, while also working towards a more interconnected transportation system that benefits our growing city, and slows pollutants in the air.


With your help, I am committed to working hand in hand towards a better District 6 and a stronger Charlotte. Together, we can make a positive impact in our communities and beyond.


Some Areas of Focus


Economic Development

  • I plan to work with city leaders, business leaders, and our community to ensure we build on the strength of economic opportunities for our district.


  • I will continue to engage with the people of District 6 to keep my hand on the pulse to ensure  vibrant growth


Community Safety

  • Together with CMPD, and neighborhood leaders, we will work to ensure we address the questions and safety of our communities, businesses, and the places where we work, live & play.



  • Work with city leaders, business communities and the State Represenatives to solve our transportation challenges, including increasing ridership. While also working with leaders in our surrounding cities to discover new ways to create transportation to make our cities more interconnected. 

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Workforce  Housing

  • We must work together to find housing solutions with businesses and the faith community so our police, firemen and firewomen, teachers, frontline workers, etc., can have the opportunity to live in the communities of District-6, where they serve.

  • I will continue to listen to the citizens of District 6, work with City Council members to establish equitable solutions, and measure the results.

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I ask for your support.

I am a trustworthy leader who will work with the people of District 6 and the city at large.  Your financial support sends a significant message to your friends and neighbors about your trust in me. We have important decisions to vote on over the next two years that will determine the trajectory of Charlotte. As your Charlotte City Council District 6 representative, I will continue to engage with you, be a coalition builder, and make informed decisions that establish the building blocks toward a better District 6.   Can we Count on YOU?

                     I am excited about our campaign.               Together, Let's build a stronger Charlotte!


Join Stephanie and volunteer with the team.

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