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Working HAND in Hand for a better Charlotte


My father, a Marine, was killed in the line of duty, saving his platoon in combat. His ultimate sacrifice taught me the essence of service to others.


As a former executive Operations Manager and General Manager in the airport industry, I was responsible for over 500 employees and over 40 Joint Venture Partners, I have experience leading large organizations.


My work in the civic, non-profit communities and presently as a United Methodist Clergy person,  I understand the power of successful community collaboration.


I will continue to work, with your help,  in partnerships with our non-profit, business, philanthropic, faith, and diverse citizens of our global city and beyond to achieve our citywide goals. It is through strategic collaborative partnerships that we will build stronger economic development, safer communities, affordable housing for teachers, police, fire personnel, etc., and work towards a more interconnected transportation system. 

​Together, working HAND in hand for a better District 6 and a stronger Charlotte




Hello, I am Stephanie Hand Charlotte City Council, District 6. 


Friends, tell your neighbors, family and friends we have a...

 Special General Election in JULY

    for Charlotte City Council.

     Early Voting: July 7-23, 2022

   General Election July 26, 2022

       Can I count on your vote?

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in America.  It is important for our communities to have a public servant who will work in partnership with you and be a voice for the residents of District 6.

I am a coalition builder, with the ability to make well-informed decisions to assist our communities thrive.


I ask for your support.      

Can I Count on you?          

Some Areas of Focus


Affordable Housing

  • We must work together to find housing solutions so our police, firemen and firewomen, teachers, frontline workers, etc. can have the opportunity to live in the communities of district-6, where they serve.

  • I will listen to the citizens of District 6 and work with you toward establishing equitable solutions. 



  • I will  be a coalition builder, working with leaders to find solutions that leads to effective interconnected transportation systems for our city. 

  • I will work with neighborhood leaders, city leaders for more sidewalks, better roads, bike lanes, bus stop shelters, 

and multifacet transportation options etc., to assist citywide traffic challenges.

Economic Development

  • I plan to work with city leaders, business leaders and our community to ensure we build upon the strength of economic opportunities for our district.

  • I will work with you to find ways to navigate healthy growth in district-6, and greater Charlotte.


Community Safety

  • Together we will work with CMPD, neighborhood groups, businesses and the faith leaders to enhance community safety, where we work, live & play

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I ask for your support.

By contributing to my campaign, you will assist us get my messaging deeper into our communities.  Your support sends a significant statement to your friends and neighbors about your belief in my campaign. We have important decisions to make pertaining to the future trajectory of Charlotte. As your Charlotte City Council District-6 representaive, I will continue to listen and hear you, be a coalition builder, and make informed decisions that establish the building blocks towards a stronger Charlotte. Can we Count on YOU?

I am excited about our campaign. I hope that you will join with me.


Join Stephanie and volunteer with the team.

Thanks for submitting!

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